The best English speaking Yoga class I’ve had here in Budapest! Isabella is a great instructor for people of all levels. The studio itself is beautifully designed and detailed, felt like I was back in California at a big studio in LA. Highly recommended! 🙂

Alec Hutkoff

I enjoyed a wonderful 90-minute flow vinyasa class with Isabella perfect for a Saturday morning. Her voice is soothing and her supportive teaching style is a great place to improve, explore and deepen your yoga practice. The studio is beautiful and in a great location. The best yoga class I’ve experienced here in Budapest. 

Ildikó Laszlo

Great yoga place in downtown Budapest. Definitely much nicer than any Hungarian tornaterem in downtown Mumbai.

Robert Forras

A yoga már identitásom szerves része lett az elmúlt évek során, sok helyen yogaztam a nagyvilágban de mióta a The Yoga Downtown megnyitotta kapuit ez lett kedvenc yoga studióm. Mindig alig várom, hogy elmenjek egy szuper órára, fantasztikus csapat és oktatói gárda dolgozik ezen a csoda helyen a belváros szívében! 🙂 

Viktória Környei

One of my favorite places in Budapest. Great location and offered classes in English. Beautiful and relaxing environment, just what I needed after a long flight.

Jenny Reale

THE YOGA & PILATES Downtown is the most beautiful and inviting Yoga Salon in the heart of Budapest! The environment is incredible, and you sense this the moment you walk in. This place is special. The teachers are exceptional and professional and go above and beyond to give the highest level of classes. I walk out each time saying it can’t get better than this, but then it does each time. I’ve never loved a salon more, and the owner has created a studio that is absolutely top quality! The only Yoga salon I recommend in Budapest! Love, love, love!!!💖

Karolina Koppany

A COVID miatt most sajnos nem tudok járni, de már alig várom, hogy újra kinyissanak. Budapest egyik legjobb jóga stúdiója.

B. Réka